Monday, March 22, 2010

Mechanical Methods for Tree Root Removal

Mechanical root cutting equipment can be used to cut the tree roots that have penetrated sewer pipes.  The roots are then partially pulled out of the drain line.  Root cutting is a viable method for clearing tree roots in pipes and in some situations a necessity for removing large clusters of roots that completely block the drain.  However, the cut roots that remain in the drain pipe will grow back if they are left untreated (just like pruning a tree).  Ultimately, the roots may grow back thicker and may need to be mechanically cut more frequently.

RootX Foaming Root Killer can be used with or without mechanical root-cutting equipment.  The treatment process involves a foam released application that expands along the interior walls of pipes, crevasses, and joints killing roots immediately on contact.  Surfactants strip away grease and grime, guaranteeing root penetration and restoring flow quickly. 


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