Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Guarantee

It’s important to use a company and product that stands behind their claims and services.  All pipelines treated with RootX® are guaranteed to be free of blockages and backups caused by live tree roots. If a blockage occurs in a residential service lateral or municipal mainline treated with RootX® due to live tree roots during the 1 year guarantee period, we will replace the amount of product used to treat the service lateral or mainline at no cost. This guarantee applies only to pipeline blockages caused by live tree roots. It does not apply to blockages caused by grease or other foreign matter; flat, collapsed, or deformed pipe; or flooding caused by a surcharge or plugged pipe downstream from the treated section.

Guarantee Period.
Any residential service lateral treated with RootX® will not plug or back up due to live tree root obstructions for a period of 12 months.   We are not responsible for damages caused by sewer stoppages, backups, or damage caused from tree roots.


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