Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Prevention Is Key!

Tree roots are pesky business.  They have a tendency to get out of control and cause damage that can be quite costly to a home and landscaping.  Before we can get figure out the best method of prevention, it is wise to get a little understanding of the roots themselves.

On average, tree roots take space in an area two to four times the width of the tree crown.  However, larger roots do not stop growing, and they typically grow outward. The smaller feeder roots die off and and are continuously replaced. http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/garden/02926.html.  It is getting easier to see how even a well-placed tree can eventually pose a problem to a home, isn't it?

Tree roots can cause damage to your plumbing systems, plain and simple.  The feeder roots take comfort in the sewer pipes below the ground, living off the moisture and minerals the pipes provide.  Before long, they cause a blockage.  A homeowner will realize they have a problem once they notice the back up that is coming up through their drains, because the water is not able to get through the blockage.  Mechanical root clearing in conjunction with a environmentally safe root killer is going to be your best option.

As mentioned before, the older the tree roots are, the larger and further spread out they become, eventually pushing their way into the walls of your home.  This has the potential to cause cracks in the foundation.  If the foundation is not fixed quickly, a homeowner runs the risk of leaks that can lead to mold a whole set of new problems. You want to be using a root killer before it gets to this point.

One of the other main consequences of overgrown roots is the eye sore they cause.  The last thing a person wants is for all their hard work and money spent on landscaping to be overcome with ugly tree roots. Unless the roots are maintained and taken care of with a root killer, this will eventually happen.

"Prevention is the best medicine." RootX® is just the product to do that. It is a root killer that is environmentally safe, 100% natural solution, it is the perfect remedy for those annoying roots. Not only does it go after the live roots, but with the foaming technology it prevents re-growth of future roots, while leaving the tree and your pipes intact.

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