Monday, March 22, 2010

Protect your Pipes and your Pocketbook

Those of you who’ve had to replace a sewer pipe because of tree root intrusion are a testament to the high price tag associated with the cure.  A simple maintenance program can ensure your sewer pipes remain root free continue to carry the wastewater from your property trouble free.  Removing the roots by means of a mechanical process may be an initial fix but also start of a costly and continuous process of a routine mechanical cutting program as roots come back thicker and need to be trimmed more often. 

We have suggested an initial root control treatment application using RootX®.  The application rate is 2 pounds for 50 feet of 4” diameter pipe.  For a complete application guideline visit review or RootX Application Table.  Re-Apply RootX®  on an annual basis to keep your sewer pipes free from root growth. Going this ‘root’ will keep money in your pocketbook long term.


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