Monday, March 22, 2010

Invasive Tree Roots Can Be Very Costly

Did you know that nearly 100% of tree root problems in pipes start at the top of the pipe?  As tree roots look for sources of water the trees root system generally grows deeper in the ground.  Tree roots tend to follow the path of least resistance and detect the source of water vapor in sewer pipes and penetrate through the top of the pipe, usually through a crack or loose joint.  Once the tree roots find access they will grow into and through the opening in the pipe eventually completely filling the sewer pipe with fine hair like roots.

Roots from above ground vegetation can be extremely harmful to your home’s sewer pipes or septic system.  The roots can actually trap material that travels down your pipes restricting or blocking flow or, in some cases, cause structural damage to the pipes.  If not treated, the roots can eventually destroy your sewer or septic system. By applying Foaming RootX Root Killer through a toilet or cleanout that leads to where the roots are growing,  the root killing herbicide and foaming agents are designed cover the entire pipe (from top to bottom) to quickly and effectively treat and kill the tree roots in the entire pipe on contact without disturbing the life of the tree.  An effective root control program will keep your sewer pipes and septic leach field pipes root free, restoring pipe flow and saving potentially thousands of dollars in repair or replacement services. Annual treatments are recommended.  


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