Monday, March 22, 2010

Sewer Pipe Root Removal 101 - Treatments for Tree Root Removal in Sewer Pipes & Septic Systems

Sewer pipes are designed carry the wastewater and sewage away from homes and businesses for final treatment.    However, blockages that occur in pipes can cause backups into homes and businesses or create overflows of raw sewage on residential property, businesses or streets.  These backups or overflows can pose significant risk to the property and health of citizens.

Tree root intrusion in sewer pipes may be the single most destructive element facing a homeowners’ sewer or wastewater collection system.  Each homeowner or commercial establishment is generally responsible for the maintenance of their sewer lines or sewer laterals from the house to the street. 

Tree roots grow in sewer pipes because they like it there.  Sewer pipes contain three essential elements for tree root growth: water, organic nutrients and oxygen. The trees root system is able detect and find these essential elements and creep toward your sewer pipes, septic tank, or septic system leach field.  

Starting a tree root treatment program for controlling tree roots in your pipes is the most effective, cost saving solution to protecting your property and eliminating tree roots in your sewer pipes or septic system.  You also need to know that there are more environmentally safe remedies and solutions that are also non-systemic (will not harm the tree) and safe for all types of plumbing, pipes, and septic systems.

REX-BAC-T® Technologies specializes in environmentally safe products and engineered solutions for treating and maintaining residential, commercial, municipal sewer lines, septic systems, grease traps, wastewater treatment and sanitation processes.  Not all tree root control products are engineered alike.  RootX® Foaming Tree Root Killer formula is the safest and most effective product solution for sewer pipeline root control.  RootX® kills the tree roots on contact and the dead roots system in the pipe decays over time and is flushed out the pipe with normal waste water flow. RootX® foaming root killer is 100% guaranteed to kill the roots invading your pipelines.


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