Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Effective Septic Tank Solution

RootX® is a simple, environmentally-friendly and proven way to effectively kill tree roots in septic tanks without killing trees.  Utilizing the herbicide Dichloberil, the formula kills the pesky root on contact, saving time and money.

A septic tank covers a large portion of land; usually it is close to tree roots or other vegetation.  Attracted to the water in a septic tank, tree roots often work their way into the tank through its drainpipes or cracks, creating blockage.  As the root of the tree continues to grow and gain larger access to your pipes, the chance of those blocked septic pipes completely breaking and leaking sewage increases, causing your system to fail.

If you suspect that you have tree roots making their way into your pipes, it is in your best interest to use RootX® before things get out of hand.
  1. Using RootX® to eliminate tree roots in septic tanks:
  2. Use 8 pounds of RootX® in septic tank per 1,000 gallons of septic tank capacity.
  3. Pour the RootX® aquatic herbicide and foaming agent directly from the jar into a small pail and mix the two components together.  DO NOT ADD WATER.
  4. Pour the DRY RootX® product directly into the septic tank or into the clean-out that leads to the septic tank.
  5. If you are applying through a clean-out pour 5 gallons of water per pound of RootX® root killer used to activate the root-killing foam.  Do not over-dilute.  The foam acts as a carrying agent, lifting the herbicide to the top where 90 percent of roots grow.
  6. The dead roots decay and are carried out with the natural flow.
  7. The foam leaves a thin layer of the RootX® herbicide to prevent re-growth.
For more information on RootX® or any of your root killing needs, please visit www.rex-bac-t.com.


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If you suspect that you have tree roots making their way into your pipes, it is in your best interest to use RootX® before things get out of hand. septic system repairs Conroe TX

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