Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Use RootX Correctly

One of the most common questions that we get asked is how to apply RootX correctly. The two methods for application are by using either the clean out, or flushing it down the toilet. While both methods are similar, there are a couple of differences.

Instructions for the clean out method:

First you are going to want to gather all of the materials needed. These include your RootX jar, a bucket, and a stir stick. You are going to want to then pour the RootX into the bucket. You will notice a paper divider in the jar, this was used to keep the chemicals separated until ready to use. Remove this from the jar and discard. Next, you are going to want to use the stir stick to thoroughly mix the dry components in the bucket. Do not add water at this time. Make sure that you mix very well and completely, as this will ensure the most optimal foaming and root coating.

Now is the time to pour the dry RootX down your clean out valve. Once your bucket is empty, pour 5 gallons of water down the valve, per pound of product used. You should be able to some of the foaming action at work!

Now, for those using the toilet method:

You are going to want to follow all the same steps of the clean out method until you get to the step where you empty the bucket. Before you empty the bucket into the toilet, you are going to want to see how fast your toilet flushes. If it seems to run a little slow, pour the bucket into the toilet as it is flushing. If it seems to drain at a normal rate, then empty the bucket into the toilet bowl, and then flush. The foaming action will start quickly. After the toilet has flushed, add the same amount of water, 5 gallons per pound of product into your toilet.

As much as you can, you are going to want to limit water usage for the following 4-6 hours following a RootX application.

The best time of year for application is early fall through late spring. Be careful to avoid times when the ground is frozen however.


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