Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Tips for Your Home

Winter has a tendency of wreaking havoc on our homes and our businesses. It is often not until we have the below zero windchill when we remember that old drafty window or pick up a new snow shovel after the one from last year broke. Not to mention, all the bags of salt we must keep on hand for those icy days!

 Luckily, most of these scenarios are ones that do not hit the pocketbook too hard. Plumbing issues during these winter months have been known to be a little more expensive. The things you want to try and avoid are frozen pipes, cracks and leaks, and any type of flooding. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips that will help keep your home running efficiently

  • Insulate Exposed Pipes- Any water pipes, indoor ones included, that are exposed to cold drafts run the risk of freezing. Avoid this by insulating these pipes, as the risk for freezing is heightened with any time they are not in use.
  • Avoid Consecutive Showers- Try to space out showers during the day. This helps maintain a consistent water pressure and temperature. If this cannot be avoided, then try to wait at least 10 minutes between them. 
  • Check Water Flow- Remember to turn on every water valve in your home randomly. Unused pipes have the ability to freeze quickly if they are not used. Write little reminders on the calender in order to help you remember if need be. 
  • Avoid Grease in Pipes- This is one that stands true throughout the entire year, not just winter. Grease and oils are hard on pipes and drains, so try to think twice before letting any go down your garbage disposal. Catch any unwanted grease prior to it going down the drain. If you let it harden it can easily be emptied into a trash can. 
  • Keep drains running smoothly. If you notice a delay in a water drain, treat it quickly to prevent a larger clogging issue from happening.
If you suspect you have a treatment with your septic system or pipes, contact us today!


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