Monday, November 25, 2013

Ways To Prevent Clogged Lines And Roots Around Your Residence

Are there ways to avoid having roots in the drain line of your house?  Simple answer, yes.  There are things you can do that will help prevent both your pipes getting clogged, as well as roots damaging  up the drains around your property. 

To help avoiding general blockage, be very cautious about what you flush down your toilet.  Avoid flushing diapers, wipes-even if they disposable, any feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and basically anything with a thicker consistency that regular toilet paper. 

The kitchen sink is also a great place to take be aware of what goes down your drains.  Fats and grease, think bacon grease or butter for example, are toxic to our piping systems.  The best thing to do is try to get into the habit of disposing these substances with the proper containers and putting them out with the the trash.

Regarding tree roots, at first inclination that you may have some type of blockage with your drain lines that cannot be fixed on your own, call a plumber and  inquire about RootX® to fix the immediate problem, and rest assured that due to the science behind RootX® you are also protected for the future.  The foaming technology leaves a protective layer within the pipes that prevent regrowth of future pesky roots for up to three years.

By maintaining the lines of your residence using REX-BAC-T® Technologies  products you are able to avoid costly corrective repairs down the road.  Also, have confidence knowing that REX-BAC-T® Technologies  cares about the environment and your property and does not use Copper Sulfate as a key to their solution.  This toxic substance was found to have detrimental effects to the environment, as well as was found to be very damaging to the pipes it was applied to.


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